Why is Fernwood so special?

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It is different for each Fernwood girl, and differs on any given day.

For some, it is the spirit and tradition. For others, it is the sense of adventure and accomplishment of trying new things.

It might be looking forward to a big trip or the anticipation of a performance on stage, but for all it is a sense of belonging to a close knit community, like a family – a place where kind acts mean more than the score of a game.

There is no one simple answer to the question ‘What makes Fernwood so special?’

  • Fernwood is an extraordinary place, where ordinary things create life long memories and enduring friendships.
  • We are steeped in almost a century of tradition. Our spirit is everywhere – in what we do and how we do it. The girls sing the same songs that many of their mothers and grandmothers sang at Fernwood through the years.
  • Our beautiful setting still has the same look and feel as in 1921, but what we do has become more sophisticated in response to the needs of today’s girls.
  • Our campers live in grand wooden bunks of another era, simply, and without electricity. They step from that world, into activity areas that challenge them to learn more about themselves and others.